Annual Election Report

due to National by July 15 following the elections, with a copy to CSC Secretary, Tom Hohmann (PO Box 3007, Riverside CA 92519-3007).

Annual Financial Report

due to National no later than July 15, with a copy to the CSC Treasurer, (Barry Schloffel, 1244 Shaws Flat Rd., Sonora, CA 95370-5433).
In National Convention years, the report should be to National as early as possible; if not received before National office goes to convention site, delegates may not be seated. Instructions on form. Contact National Finance with questions. 2015 Convention starts July 21, if a chapter wishes to be seated at the convention their Financial Report should be to National by the first of July as they will be moving their offices to Springfield and your report will not reach them if sent to Silver Spring.

Household Goods Donation Program (HGDP)

Chapters receiving Household Goods monthly funds file two reports each fiscal year, a semi-annual - no later than September 15, and an annual - no later than March 15. To be sent to the CSC Treasurer (Barry Schloffel, 1244 Shaws Flat Road, Sonora, CA 95370).

Membership Processing

Membership applications should be processed as soon as possible, instructions are on form.

California Secretary of State Filing

Annual filing of "Statement Of Information" form, usually comes to the chapter address - but if address is old/not current it won't. If unsure check the Secretary of State web site. You can also pay the fee ($20/year) online. Search feature using "Vietnam Veterans of America" (without quotes) and find your chapter.

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