Military Report - Week of May 12, 2014

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Military Report - Week of May 12, 2014

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Military Report - Week of May 12, 2014

AF Reduction in Force Matrix
The LAF and health professions reduction in force matrices have posted to myPers at ( These matrices give Airmen a better understanding of who will be eligible for the October board and their individual vulnerability by Air Force specialty codes and year group. These matrices can also be accessed through the force management graphic on the Air Force Portal and on the site at ( Airmen can use the new force management graphic on the ( Air Force Portal which will take them to updated matrices and force management program details.

WWII POW Survivors Honored
Nine U.S. Army Air Forces airmen who were interned at the Wauwillermoos Camp in Switzerland seventy years ago were recently honored with the Prisoner of War Medal. In 1943 and 1944, the Airmen were flying bombing missions into Nazi Germany when they were shot down over Switzerland. Switzerland's neutrality had rendered the internees ineligible for the POW Medal until recently. A list of the eight surviving POW Medal recipients is available on the ( ... later.aspx) U.S. Air Force website. A video of the presentation ceremony is available on ( ... fault.aspx) Air Force TV. For more information on POWs interned in Switzerland during WWII, visit the ( ... witzerland) ANZAC POW Free Men in Europe website.

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American Legion Calls for Resignation
At a May 5 press conference, American Legion National Commander Daniel M. Dellinger called for the resignation of Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki, as well as Robert Petzel and Allison Hickey, VA's under secretaries for health and benefits, respectively. It was a decision the Legion arrived at gradually, after years of support. What changed the Legion's mind was the accumulated effect of VA performance breakdowns across the country, coupled by the glaringly obvious failure to hold senior executives accountable for mounting numbers of preventable patient deaths, long-delayed medical care, and other critical management failures. For more information, read the article on the ( ... e-failures) American Legion website.

Senator Responds to Legion's Demands
U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has issued a statement in response to the American Legion's call for the resignation of Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki. In his statement Sanders wrote that "While it might be temporarily satisfying to call for firing someone, it doesn't get us any closer to the truth or solve problems that may exist." The statement included the Senator's support for Secretary Shinseki's call for an immediate investigation of those allegations by the independent Office of Inspector General. Chairman Sanders promised to hold hearings on this issue as soon as the facts are determined.
The statement is available on the ( ... ent-on-va-) U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs website.

AF Date of Separation Rollback
The Air Force has implemented the 2014 enlisted date of separation rollback program phase II. The program accelerates the date of separation for Airmen who declined to acquire retainability for an assignment, training, retraining or professional military education, and who have fewer than 18 years or 20 years or more of total active federal military service. Eligibility criteria are available on the ( ... se-ii.aspx) U.S. Air Force website. For more information about fiscal 14 force management programs, including DOS rollback and TERA, as well as other personnel issues, visit ( myPers at ( Select "search all components" from the search window drop down menu, and enter "Active Duty: FY14 Force Management Programs" in the search window.

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Legion to Host PTSD/TBI Symposium
Continuing its efforts to raise awareness about servicemembers and veterans suffering from traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), The American Legion will conduct a symposium focusing on both injuries, as well as conventional and alternative treatments for each. The Legion's symposium will take place June 24 at the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies in Washington, D.C. ( ... -symposium) Read more about the American Legion's upcoming symposium.

AF Executive Leadership Development
Air Force active duty majors and major-selects interested in the Department of Defense 2014-2015 Executive Leadership Development Program must submit their application packages by May 31. Selection does not incur an additional active duty service commitment. For more information about the program, including complete eligibility requirements and application instructions, visit ( myPers at (, select "search all components" from the search drop down menu, enter "Active Duty Officer Developmental Education and Special Programs" in the search window. Select the page and scroll down to the Executive Leadership Development Program section.

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AF Chief Testifies on Force Management
The Air Force chief of staff recently discussed the proper force ratio between the service's active duty and reserve components in testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee. Gen. Mark A. Welsh III emphasized the importance of a detailed financial, operational and force sustainment analysis. The general reported working with the Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, National Guard Bureau, two state adjutants general and a team of operations research analysts to understand the factors that affect the force structure analysis. A video of the hearing and individual testimonies are available on the ( ... -air-force) Senate Armed Services Committee website.

AF Military Personnel Exchange Program
Active duty Air Force officers interested in expanding their horizons by building, sustaining, and expanding international relationships while embedded in another country's air force have until May 22 to indicate their interest on their Airman Development Plan in time for the next assignment cycle. The Air Force Military Personnel Exchange Program allows Airmen who qualify to serve as embedded officers in foreign nation air forces. Officers selected for the MPEP serve two- or three-year assignment. For more information about the program, go to the ( myPers website at ( Select "search all components" in the keyword drop down menu and enter "MPEP" in the search window. To review current requirements, visit the AFPC secure site, accessible via myPers at (, and click on the Assignment Management System link.

New Boss Picked for Phoenix VA
An interim director will take over the embattled Phoenix VA Health Care System on Monday, the Department of Veterans Affairs announced. Steve Young will oversee delivery of health care to an estimated 85,000 veterans and an operating budget of about $500 million.The move comes as the Phoenix VA tries to restore its reputation while it is under investigation for possible patient deaths. In recent weeks, critics of the VA system have alleged that administrators in Phoenix kept an off-the-books list to conceal long wait times as 40 veterans died waiting to get an appointment. ( ... ystem.html) Read the full article on

VA Secretary Addresses Phoenix VA Issues
Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki has issued a statement on the allegations regarding the Phoenix VA Health Care System. The statement if available on the ( Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) website.

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22 Airmen Selected for Promotion
Twenty-two enlisted Airmen were recently selected for promotion via the supplemental promotion process. Airmen on the supplemental list tested outside of their required cycle because of an extended temporary duty assignment or deployment in support of a contingency. Selection is based on overall promotion scores derived from Weighted Airman Promotion System factors. To see the list visit ( myPers at (, enter "Active Duty: Enlisted Promotions Home Page" in the search window, select the page and scroll down to the supplemental promotion section.

Joint Chiefs Divide Over Commissary Cuts
All seven members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff testified recently on the need to slow growth in military compensation. But their united front for easing current budget burdens cracked over the notion of slashing savings for commissary shoppers. Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Amos called the proposal to cut commissary appropriations by $1 billion, "a sore point for me." But Navy Adm. James A. Winnefeld Jr., vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs, defended lowering the appropriation for the Defense Commissary Agency in increments, starting with $200 million next year, and suggesting the initial impact at least would be modest. ( ... y-savings/) Read the full story on this week's Military Update.

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AF Seeks Attache Applications
Active-duty staff through senior master sergeants interested in attache duty with international affairs teams around the world must submit their applications by June 2. Applications are being accepted for enlisted defense attache specialists at 17 locations with tour lengths ranging from 12 to 36 months. For more information, including eligibility criteria and application procedures, visit ( myPers, select "search all components" from the drop down window, and enter "27542" in the search window. Also, information and application documents are available on the Air Force Portal at ( -- enter "attache program" in the search window.

TERA Window for Airmen Remains Open
The additional fiscal year 2014 force management temporary early retirement authority application window remains open through May 13. This window is for our deployed Airmen and those on short tours to apply for TERA along with officers who require an active duty service commitment waiver not previously authorized (active-duty service commitments associated with rated, health professions and education) during the original application window that ended March 26. For more information, visit myPers at (

The Clash Over Pay/Benefits Reductions
The Joint Chiefs of Staff made a last minute, side-by-side pitch in support of the Pentagon's FY 2015 budget proposals May 6 to "slow the growth" in personnel costs in pay and benefits before the full Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC). However, MOAA Chairman of the Board, GEN John Tilelli, Jr., USA (Ret) provided the counter-argument opposing the Pentagon's proposals during the second panel made up of representatives from the Association of the United States Army (AUSA), the Association of the United States Navy (AUSN), and the Air Force Association (AFA).
( Read the full story on the MOAA website.

AF Retirement Board Update
Biomedical sciences corps (BSC) lieutenant colonels originally slated to meet the June 16 enhanced selective early retirement board (ESERB) will not meet the board. Officers who are still scheduled to meet the board include active duty, retirement-eligible majors in the Line of the Air Force, LAF-judge advocate, chaplain, nurse corps, BSC and MSC. For those officers, senior raters as of the Jan. 17 accountability date will prepare a retention recommendation form for each of their eligible officers, and will provide those officers with completed copies of their RRFs by May 16. For more information, visit ( myPers at ( Select "search all components" in the keyword drop down menu and enter "ESERB" or "Active Duty: FY14 Force Management Programs" in the search.

AF Further Defines Fitness Requirements
The recently released ( ... 90-506.pdf) Air Force Instruction 90-506 further defines requirements for Comprehensive Airman Fitness in an effort to enhance the resilience of individuals, families, and communities. CAF includes military, civilian, and family members who all play a role in CAF. Master resilience trainers are available on installations to facilitate the training. Training for active-duty members will be tracked by unit training monitors. However, commanders will determine when and how the training is conducted and may tailor which course modules are presented based on training and local needs.

AF Revamps Knowledge Mgt.
The Air Force revamped the Knowledge Management career-field, aiming to make its Airmen into some of the service's top innovators working in newly established KM centers Air-Force-wide. The KM career-field split, announced earlier this year, moved 80 percent of its Airmen to the new Administration Air Force Specialty Code 3A1X1. Approximately 20 percent of Airmen currently assigned to the Knowledge Management AFSC 3D0X1 will remain; becoming a more specific, technically-honed specialty. For more information on career fields, visit ( myPers at (

Navy Master Trainer Opportunity
The U.S. Navy Center for Service Support has announced it will be encouraging all of its instructors to qualify as Master Training Specialist (MTS). Earning MTS in an appropriate billet is similar to earning an applicable warfare designation in an operational billet. MTS certification includes nomination, completion of job qualification requirements, testing and board evaluation. CSS and its learning sites provide Sailors with the knowledge and skills needed to support the Fleet's warfighting mission. For more information on the Center for Service Support, visit its webpage at (

Wounded Warrior Hiring Conference
The 4th Annual Wounded Warrior Hiring and Support Conference will take place May 28-29 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Day one of the free two-day conference offers employers, human resources professionals, hiring managers and perspective leaders the opportunity to discuss challenges and resolutions; develop relationships between the private sector and military transition commands; discover best practices to enrich wounded warrior and veteran hiring programs; and share knowledge. Day two features the Hiring Heroes Career Fair with more than 60 federal agencies and private industry employers with job opportunities for wounded warriors, veterans and their spouses. For more information, visit the website to view the ( ... _sheet.pdf) WTC Fact Sheet for the conference.
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